Shani Menashe / January 15, 2024

🐈Why did we choose to capture the good luck cat in this particular pose?
To address this question, let’s get back to Jiji.

Jiji became a regular guest at our home. She climbed the stairs, stood by the door and meowed for us to open.
When opening the door we found a small black furball, with her tail elegantly curled in front of her paws.
She looked up and all we could see is 2 round eyes.

Once granted access, Jiji would make herself at home, staying for an hour or two before venturing off to the nearby park.

When the time came for her to leave, she would stand by the door, meowing softly and resuming her sweet pose, in patience to leave.

A year later, I had a thought: Why do black cats carry such an undeserved stigma? Why are they considered symbols of bad luck in some cultures?
Non siree! This cat is nothing but a good luck charm! So when thinking on how exactly we should make the pin (the journal came 2 years later) we sketched a lot of different cat poses. I knew which pose should be just right – the one Jiji patiently waited by our door as the charming furball she was.

On the previous post I mentioned we moved to a new place and some of you asked why couldn’t we take Jiji with us.

With heavy hearts, we had to leave her in her familiar surroundings, as she was still a feral cat who refused to be domesticated (even thought we tried occasionally, but that’s for another story).

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