Organized Photography Bliss: Upgraded Storage with New Drawers!

Just upgraded the photography storage area with some new drawers! 📸 With an inventory of over 200 items, finding what I need used to be a challenge. These drawers make it so much easier to stay organized.👌 (There’s a separate space for the larger items.) #OrganizedLife #DeskOrganization #OfficeEssentials #TidyWorkspace #ProductivityBoost

Packing Pins for a Pin Lover

Packing an order for our customer who LOVES pins so much. 🤍🩵🩷💛🧡🎁 #enamelpins #packingorders #pinlove #lapelpins #smallbusiness #stationery #packwithme

Sip and Unwind

Take a sip and get ready for a relaxed weekend. #coffeeholic #coffeelovers #stationeryaddict #journaling #coffeelover

Stationery Dilema

When you don’t know what stationery to choose.. #stationeryaddict #stationerydesign #stationerydesign #stationerylove #smallbusiness

Jiji’s Charm: Unveiling the Tale Behind the Good Luck Cat’s Pose

🐈Why did we choose to capture the good luck cat in this particular pose? To address this question, let’s get back to Jiji. Jiji became a regular guest at our home. She climbed the stairs, stood by the door and meowed for us to open. When opening the door we found a small black furball, […]

Glitter Enchantment: Embracing Sparkle and Shine in Our Stationery World

✨Shiny, sparkly, holographic and glittery, you name it. If it sparkles and dazzles, we like it, and you bet we must cooperate it into our stationery! Like a moth to a flame, the moment we spot something shiny, we gotta have it! What can I say? It’s like we have an inner crow, always on […]