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Shani Menashe / September 26, 2023

🐈‍⬛ Did you know a real cat was the inspiration of our cat collection? She even has a name! Keep reading👇🏻

✨The Tale of a Curious Black Cat🐾✨

Back in the day, when my husband was still my boyfriend, we had a little encounter with a cute black cat in the park near our new home. At first, we were just two humans and a curious cat, but as days passed, we grew closer to her.

To win her over, we embarked on a mission of friendship. We left out bits of food she adored, step by step, coaxing her to come closer. Slowly but surely, we earned her trust. It reached a point where all we had to do was whistle, and she’d come bounding up our stairs, meowing at the door, demanding to be let in.

A sweet black cat making herself at home with us, and we were thrilled! We even thought she’d be the ultimate roach terminator when we had an uninvited guest. But surprise, surprise, she was terrified of the little critter! Oh well..

Jiji, as we named her, had a special meow that was unlike any we’d ever heard before – it was almost like a sigh, impossible to put into words. Her jet-black fur was incredibly fluffy, but deep down, she was still a street-savvy cat, so she had her quirky moments that kept us entertained.

The name Jiji was a nod to Studio Ghibli’s #Kiki’sDeliveryService , and it just seemed perfect for her. Our time with Jiji made us fall in love for black cats and truly appreciate their unique charm.

Even though we eventually had to move away from that neighborhood, we made sure to come back to visit our furry friend in the park whenever we could. Jiji was the catalyst for our love affair with black cats and the inspiration behind our “Good Luck Black Cat Journal.” Her story will forever be a cherished part of our lives. 🐾💖
BTW sorry for the video quality, it’s was recorded 8 yrs ago✨

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