Time to Wander Enamel Pin


Discover where the winds will take you.
Big inspirational pin for your hat/clothes/bags.

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Nickel free zinc soft enamel and epoxy coating
Size: 50mm/1.9 inches
Thickness: 2 mm
2 pin parts with two sturdy metal clutches.
Packed with a matching card and a cellophane sleeve

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10 reviews for Time to Wander Enamel Pin

  1. Nitzan Mohr (verified owner)


    Image #1 from Nitzan Mohr
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  2. Tessa (verified owner)

    Beautiful colors, great quality, large pin, securely fastened! Love it!

    Image #1 from Tessa
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  3. Stacey (verified owner)

    The amount of detail in such a small pin really blew my mind!

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  4. Nora (verified owner)

    Very pretty

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  5. Heather O. (verified owner)

    Amazing pin and it matches my favorite journal. It’s lightweight so it can be worn on clothing or on a bag. It has amazing details and feels high quality!

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  6. Lori M. (verified owner)

    it’s beautiful and i love the details

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  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It was worth the long wait: it is really nice, big and even more shinier than I expected. Great quality too, with sturdy pins and caps that don’t let loose.

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  8. Jeanne P. (verified owner)

    The quality is amazing, it’s so shiny, so so cute

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  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent quality! Love the design! Happy it is slightly larger than expected! : )

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  10. Mariia Naumova (verified owner)

    Pin is a little bit bigger than I expected, but I like it a lot anyway

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