Shani Menashe / September 25, 2023

👇🏻This post is a bit different

As you may know, Compoco was established by two sisters, Shani & Tal.

We’re contemplating the idea of sharing more than just our products, allowing you all to get to know the inner workings of Compoco, to see our thoughts, inspirations, and how it all culminates in a creation.

❤️On a personal note

As the one managing the social media accounts, I feel the need to share a bit more about myself.

I have to admit, the idea of putting my personal life out there has felt a bit strange for me, especially since I’m more of an introvert.

This past year has been a whirlwind, as I’ve been balancing managing our household, welcoming a new baby boy into our lives, moving to a new country with a toddler, and handling work commitments. Navigating through all of it felt like an impossible task, but the start of this new school year has been a breath of fresh air. Having the kids off our hands has made things seem possible once again.


And so, here I am, taking the first step into this new chapter of my life.

Hi, everyone! Allow me to introduce myself; I’m Shani, co-founder of Compoco.

I find it quite challenging, so give me a hand here 😉 Would you like to see more of that?

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